[NULLED] phpContent v1.2.0 – AI Content Generator Platform (SaaS)
[NULLED] phpContent v1.2.0 – AI Content Generator Platform (SaaS)

phpContent is an AI Content Generator Platform, that allows you create unique and engaging content, that will increase conversions and drive sales, and generate stunning images that will increase engagement.

User Features

  • DASHBOARD – Get an account overview, with quick access to the most popular templats, latest documents, and latest images.
  • TEMPLATES – Create content with over 50 templates.
  • DOCUMENTS – Create documents using 50+ premade templates or through custom templates.
  • IMAGES – Generate images using various parameters, such as style, medium, filters, and resolutions.
  • CHATS – Chat with the AI in real time.
  • TRANSCRIPTIONS – Transcribe audio speech into text.
  • EXPORT – Export your Documents, Chats, and Transcriptions in CSV format.
  • CHECKOUT – Checkout through PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paystack, Coinbase, Crypto.com, and Bank transfer.


Admin Features

  • DASHBOARD – Get an overview of the website’s activity.
  • SETTINGS – Change the website’s various configuration options.
  • PAYMENTS – Manage the Payments. View, approve or decline the Payments.
  • PLANS – Manage the Plans. Create, edit, suspend or view Plans.
  • TAX RATES – Manage the Tax Rates. Create, edit, suspend or view Tax Rates.
  • COUPONS – Manage the Coupons. Create, edit, suspend, or view Coupons.
  • USERS – Manage the Users. View, edit, delete, or suspend accounts.
  • TEMPLATES – View, create, edit, or delete the Templates.
  • DOCUMENTS – Manage the Documents. View, edit, or delete the Documents.
  • IMAGES – Manage the Images. View, edit, or delete the Images.
  • CHATS – Manage the Chats. View, edit, or delete the Chats.
  • TRANSCRIPTIONS – Manage the Transcriptions. View, edit, or delete the Transcriptions.

Changelog v1.2.0

  • Added gpt-4 model support for Documents
  • Added the ability for the Admin to select which OpenAI model to be used
  • Added new Template: Product Sheet
  • Added new Template: Welcome Email
  • Added new Template: Push Notification
  • Added new Template: Blog Listicle
  • Added new Template: Blog Tags
  • Added new Template: Content Grammar
  • Added new Template: Pros and Cons
  • Added new Template: Job Description
  • Added new Template: Google Advertisement
  • Added new Template: Facebook Advertisement
  • Added new Template: Review
  • Added new Template: Feature Section
  • Added a new language for Templates: Japanese
  • Added a new language for Templates: Korean
  • Added a new language for Templates: Persian
  • Added a new language for Templates: Azerbaijani
  • Added the ability to customize the Crawler’s User-Agent
  • Added Proxy support for the external requests when creating a Document or Image
  • Improved word counting system for Asian languages (symbol to text ratio)
  • Fixed Plan Features fields not being filtered when creating or updating a Plan
  • Fixed Custom Templates from other users appearing in User Templates
  • Fixed context menu of Global Templates appearing in User Templates
  • Fixed number of Templates not being accurate on Templates page
  • Fixed the Video Description Template not processing the request
  • Fixed the View Counter for Templates not working as expected
  • Other minor improvements


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