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Datacenter has four primary components: –

White space: It refers to the space for the IT equipment placement and measured in square feet (anyplace from a few hundred to a hundred thousand square feet). For data centers that are not using a raised floor environment, the term “white space” can still be used to display usable square footage.

Support infrastructure: This denotes the additional space and equipment required to support data center operations, including power transformers, UPS, generators, computer room air conditioners (CRACs), and remote transmission units (RTUs), chillers, air distribution systems, etc. In the high-density Tier 3 class data center (i.e., a concurrently maintainable facility), the support infrastructure can demand 4-6 times more space than the white space and must be taken into consideration during the planning process.

IT equipment: This comprises of the racks, cabling, servers, storage, management systems, and network gear essential to deliver the computing services to the enterprise.

Operations: The operations staff ensures that the systems (both IT and infrastructure) are appropriately operated, maintained, upgraded, and repaired when required. In most companies, a dedicated division is responsible for the facilities support systems between the Technical Operations group in IT and the staff.

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