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The following are the top attributes of successful Data Center.

Efficiency in Space and Capacity Planning
A good data center is designed to achieve optimal density; they use virtualization technology, offering the most compute, storage, and networking power with the minimum footprint.

Scalability is vital in many industries, including IT. Data centers should provide a flexible infrastructure that has the competence to effortlessly support simple and quick upgrades and sustain rapid growth in performance.

Cooling Efficiency
Appropriate cooling infrastructure can make a big difference in a data center’s energy efficiency. Though various methods are used in data centers worldwide, hot aisle/cold aisle architecture reduces energy consumption regarding cooling, provides the capacity to pack equipment together with more densely and increases the components’ life in racks by ensuring inlet air temperatures is within limits.

Documentation, Planning, and Procedures
Successful data centers have well-documented methods and procedures as well as activity monitoring and controls to ensure policies are followed.

Well-documented methods and procedures also play a vital role in ensuring the multi-level security of mission-critical facilities with the prevention of unauthorized access.

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