[GPL] DateBook v4.6.7 – Dating WordPress Theme
[GPL] DateBook v4.6.7 – Dating WordPress Theme

DateBook is the fast smart dating theme specially created for dating websites.

DateBook has been made based on the experience of world professional sites and the requests of our customers. Functions that are really necessary in real use, in practice, and not in theory.

DateBook has more features and smart functions than any other dating theme.

We listened to every wish, criticism, advice of each of our customers. We have come a long way of bugs, errors, mistakes, improvements, and thousands of hours of hard work.


DateBook Key Features

  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Create any design for all pages using any Page Builder
  • Paid Subscriptions via DateBook Subscription or WooCommerce Subscription
  • Accept payments via PayPal or Paystack gateways
  • Powerful Search by all profile fields (custom fields too)
  • Countries: all countries and cities are included
  • Private Chat or Messaging
  • Online Status Display
  • Top and Featured statuses for Profiles
  • Favorite profiles
  • Blacklisted profiles
  • Different Genders and Sexual orientations (already included)
  • Custom fields in Profile, Registration, Settings, and Search forms
  • Commenting in Profiles
  • Reviews and Rating in Profiles
  • Favorites List
  • Black List
  • Friends: users can connect to each other as friends
  • Watermarks on Profile images
  • Users can deactivate or delete their profiles
  • Detect a real city and country of the user by IP
  • Simulation – imitate the online presence of users
  • Classified ads
  • Tours
  • Custom Login page
  • Registration
  • Google reCaptcha in Login and Registration forms
  • Restrict non-registered users to view profiles

Changelog v4.6.7 (16 December 2022)

  • Fixed: bug in search functionality.
  • Fixed: moderation of About me text did not work in shortcode.
  • Fixed: chat notification in browser did not work properly.
  • Fixed: username during registration was generated by mistake.
  • Fixed: sexual orientation field was wrongly validated.
  • Fixed: profile type field was wrongly validated.
  • Fixed: Who viewed me page could not detect and display deleted profiles.
  • Fixed: classified ads were published automatically without approvement.
  • Fixed: text in classified ad did not save line breaks.
  • Fixed: match making bug.
  • Fixed: sexual orientation was wrongly displayed on profile.
  • Added: class and style attributes can be added in shortcodes.
  • Added: messages and views tables in database were indexed to improve performance.
  • Fixed: photo upload was not allowed if subscription was required.
  • Fixed: subscription was incorrectly selected if free for genders.
  • Fixed: gender was incorrectly required in registration form.
  • Fixed: subscription before registration did not work correctly.
  • Fixed: user ID was incorrectly assigned for admin.
  • Fixed: CSS style corrections.


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